Nothing can stop Christmas. 

This is why not even a pandemic could prevent the good people of G.K.Chesterton Entertainment from bringing the world-primer staged reading of 30 Minutes B.C.: A Nativity Play by Denise Vi Flaten.

G.K. Chesterton Entertainment is founded by Maria Vargo and Jonathan Roumie (Jesus in “The Chosen,” the largest crowd-funded tv series in history).

Jonathan Roumie and Maria Vargo.

The performance is centered upon the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ while giving viewers a bird’s eye view of an exploration into what the holy family may have experienced moments before Christ’s birth.

“Being unable to provide for your family, suspecting infidelity….. Mary and Joseph suffered from the same stuff we do. They’re not as un-relatable as we think,” says Denise Vi Flaten, writer, and director of this production. “I hope I’ve taken the warm, comfortable living Nativities we’ve seen before and problematized them a bit. Because I don’t think we can appreciate the light if we don’t acknowledge the dark.”

Featuring Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft in “Lizzie McGuire”) and newcomer Zuri Starks as Joseph and Mary, with Jonathan Roumie on Stage Directions, this 45-minute staged reading for the Christmas season explores the very relevant and modern conflicts of some of history’s holiest figures.

What is staged reading? 

A staged reading is usually a rehearsed read-through of a script, performed in front of a seated audience. Stage directions are read to help set the scene.

This is theatre in its purest form. There is no fancy lighting or props, and often no costumes. It is powerful (perhaps more so) nonetheless. I had the honor of viewing the dramatic and staged reading 30 Minutes B.C.: A Nativity Play and was moved to tears. It’s a must-see for the entire family.

Clayton Snyder and Zuri Starks.

Enter stage left a worldwide pandemic, and the creatives had to, well, get creative. The staged reading of 30 Minutes B.C.: A Nativity Play has an approximate run-time of 45 minutes and will be available for on-demand streaming.

G.K. Chesterton Entertainment exists to “create entertainment which challenges our culture to boldly live out their faith” and their first Christmas show promises to do just that. Originally founded in 2010, they took a brief hiatus before returning with “The Last Days,” a live-streamed Easter Passion play viewed by thousands across the globe.

LINK FOR PUBLIC TO WATCH 30 Minutes B.C.:A Nativity Play: 

TICKET PRICE: $20 suggested donation

STREAMING ON-DEMAND: 12/12/2020 – 1/6/2021 

This article was originally featured on SoCal Christian Voice of which I am the editor. I thought my readers here would also enjoy it.


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