Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has arrived! If you’re like me, you get the urge to start those annual spring cleaning projects around the house. But if we’re honest, our homes aren’t the only places in need some deep cleaning. Just like our homes and cars need regular maintenance, so do our spiritual lives. And let’s face it, our … Continue reading Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

God Uses Scatterbrained Screwups

I'd like to blame my scattered brain on the time change. I really hate the "Spring forward" thing. Don't you? Perhaps partial blame can be placed there. At least, I hope so. But the truth is—it's really nothing new for me. To have a hundred thoughts coursing through my mind at once is quite typical. … Continue reading God Uses Scatterbrained Screwups

Before You Dress for Battle

“I’m ready to go, mommy!” My eight-year-old son, Chad announced. He stood on the landing of the stairs wearing his biggest smile along with his new dress shirt and pants. I squinted my eyes as I approached him because I could see the red shirt he had on earlier, underneath the new, crisp white one … Continue reading Before You Dress for Battle