Hello, friend!

Hello, friend!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Beckie Lindsey—author, speaker, encourager, daughter of the King of kings, and believer in the transformational power of faith.

I love coffee and singing so loudly my cats run for cover. Grab your own cup of joe and hang out for a while. I love hearing from readers. Feel free to email me by heading over to my contact page.


Beauties from Ashes


“Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—but the demons already have.”

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“If C.S. Lewis were to rewrite The Screwtape Letters focusing on the trials and tribulations of modern high school girls, it would read like Beckie Lindsey’s Beauties from Ashes series. This powerful story will remind you that you do not battle against yourself or other people, but against the devil. Read it with the lights on. Then, rest peacefully, knowing that God loves you and protects you.

Ashley Jones

author of Modern Cast Iron and Who is God?, the first in the Big Answers series (Fall 2021, Little Lamb Books)

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Three Ways To Conquer Evil With Good

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Time to Celebrate!

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