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I recall a family day at the swimming pool when my daughter, Charity, was only three years old. She stood near the edge of the pool, sporting her new ‘floaties’ on her cherub arms and watched her daddy dive into the water.

Arms and legs flailing, her two older brothers whooped and hollered as they leaped into the water, joining their dad. But Charity remained at the edge, biting her lower lip as she observed.

Her daddy swam close to the edge, holding out his long arms, “Jump to Daddy.” While her brothers cheered her on, and seemingly, without a thought, Charity jumped! She was all smiles when she landed safely in her father’s arms.

Charity had faith in her daddy which gave her the courage to jump.

She didn’t stop to think of how deep the water was or how cold, or even if he would actually catch her. She believed he would because she believed and trusted in her father. That was all she needed to take the plunge.

Faith is confident belief in the truth or trustworthiness of a person or idea.

Charity acted out what she believed about her dad—he was trustworthy—so she jumped.

If you’re struggling to move forward with God because you feel you lack faith, what you need is not bigger faith. Just like Charity, you need to realize how big your Father is.

What you need is to realize how BIG, how LOVING, and how GREAT your Father is. 

The more trustworthy and strong you believe God to be, the more willing you will be to depend on Him.

If your perception of God is flawed, your faith will be too.

You don’t need more faith; what you need is an accurate view of the faithfulness of God. And the best way to gain an accurate view of God is to spend time getting to know Him through prayer and His word.

You see, God wants us to know Him personally through a relationship. And as we grow to know Him and His character, we grow in faith because God is faithful!

Readers, I want to share with you a way God has been helping me grow in a deeper relationship with Him. It was so life-changing that I wrote it down with the help of a few friends. In fact, the devotion above was an excerpt written in a newly released study journal called Legacy: Living NOW for future Generations available on Amazon.

It is my prayer that you too will come to realize how BIG our Father is!

“We act out what we believe, not what we know.”  ~Vicki Arruda


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