Do you want more out of your time with God?

Would you like something deeper than a forced reading regimen or a fill-in-the-blanks study?

Me too!

God did something amazing in my life twenty years ago when I began journaling a few verses at a time from my daily Bible reading.

You see, I had a hard time paying attention and retaining when reading the Bible. Can you relate?

Because I’m an author, it came naturally to write down the verses and what God was saying to me through them.

Through the years, with God’s guidance, I have expanded upon a method of Bible journaling that dramatically changed my relationship with God.

It was so transformational that I just had to share it. And wouldn’t you know—God brought along three other women who were doing something very similar to what the Lord showed me.

So, we put our heads (and hearts) together, and now we want to share this potential life-changing method of Bible reading and journaling with you!

Introducing the award-winning …

Legacy: Living NOW for Future Generations

A Devotional Study Journal for Second Timothy

You Don’t Need a Theology Degree to Understand the Bible.

Join us as we explore a Bible journaling strategy to better absorb Scripture and identify its practical and personal application by “soaking” in God’s Word.

We know the SOAK method works because it transforms our mediocre quiet times into an experience of meeting with and hearing from God personally. You see, when we immerse ourselves into the text of the Bible, we immerse ourselves in God.

Through this hands-on interactive study, we will guide you through the book of Second Timothy, where we will look deeply into Apostle Paul’s last written words—the legacy he would leave behind. These instructions have been passed on through generations, making their way to us.

The question is, how will we live them out? Each of our lives tells a story. What does yours say about you? What legacy will you leave behind?


                  Living NOW For Future Generations

Is available to order on Amazon today!

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What Bible study methods do you use? Does this sound like something helpful? Let me know in the comments below. 

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