Should Christians Give Up On President Trump?


Dear brothers and sisters of the church of Jesus Christ,

Have you given up hope for our President and our nation?

I see unrest, bickering, and finger-pointing all over social media and news media that indicates, we the church, have lost hope and thereby, lost our way.

How can we be the “salt and the light” if we have lost hope?

Many of you know that I am a Christian author of an upcoming YA novel. I am also the editor for Southern California Christian Voice. Would you do me a favor? Please click here to view the powerful article on So Cal Voice, “Should Christians Give Up on President Trump?” 

Thanks for your support!

Please add your prayers and thoughts in the comments below or at SoCal Christian Voice. 

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6 thoughts on “Should Christians Give Up On President Trump?”

  1. Beckie, this article is a source of encouragement for me to continue praying for our President as well as our nation!!! I sometimes use the basis of Nehemiah 1: 5-12 and 2 Chronicles 7:14 with my prayer time.
    May God forgive us if we have not honored Him or His word by not praying.
    Mema Jeanne


    1. Mema Jeanne,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and continue to pray for our President and our country. I hope you’ll hop over to SoCal Voice and add a comment or prayer if you have time.
      Thanks so much again and may God bless you and yours!


  2. Love the courage you exhibit in publishing a piece like this, Beckie. I’m not perplexed about the violent, malicious, attacks that are directed at the President, those in his administration, his family, and those who voted for him by the godless leftists in this country. It’s who they are. The hate and vitriol displayed by the “Antifa” and their cohorts in other “activist” groups is an expression of what’s in their heart. What exasperates me more than any of that is the waffly “Casper Milktoast” attitude of institutional “Christianity” in America.

    We didn’t elect Donald Trump to be America’s Pastor, and I didn’t vote for him because of his doctrinal purity or his sterling personal character or his charisma. I voted for him because his opponent supported killing babies because they’re inconvenient, and in order to preserve unbridled sexual license. She also fully supported and advocated relationships that God condemns. If she had been elected she would have enacted policies that would have turned our nation into a replication of the chaotic mess that Europe and the UK have become because of the absence of borders. She would have worked to destroy the free market principles that made this the greatest economic machine the world has ever known.

    My support for Donald Trump is based on the same views that would never have allowed me to vote for Hillary Clinton. I support the President because of the policies he advocates and those he opposes. I pray for him every day, and I share my views (pro and con) that I believe advance the spiritual welfare of this nation regardless of whether they concur with any of his tweets or press releases. But I refuse to climb on my holy soapbox and decry all his faults as though I thought he didn’t have any. We have a plethora of media trolls whose lives are devoted to that practice every day, and who live in the hope that they can somehow orchestrate the destruction of Donald Trump and the total humiliation of those who voted for him. I don’t intend to do their work for them. The only defenders Donald Trump has are the people that voted for him. If we turn our backs on him now, and if we fail to pray for him now, then we deserve to once again be placed under the authority of those who refuse to allow God any place in the public square. The Scriptures classify such people as “fools”.


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