Hiking, The Adventure Of A Lifetime


Scott and Me Mountain hike

The Greatest Adventure Of Our Lives

My husband, Scott and I recently took up hiking. We started on a whim last summer. With our kids now young adults, we were looking for something to do together that would also keep us in shape. Scott loves adventure, spontaneity, and sports. I love routine, planned adventure (if that’s even a thing!) and jogging.

Hiking has been a bridge to our gaps. That is until Scott attempts to venture off the trail. You see, I like the trail. The trail satisfies the “planner” in me. The trail feels safe. The trial has been traveled. My adventurous man loves to go where few have traveled. He likes to climb up rocks, and trees.

I holler at his back as he hoists himself higher and higher. “Scaling rocks is not part of the trail. I am not a billy goat!”

He laughs and keeps on climbing. He reaches the top of a jagged peak and hollers down to me.

“Babe, you’ve got to see this!”

I crane my neck. He looks the size of an ant way up there. I shake my head violently to make sure he sees. “No, I don’t!”

He begins to climb down. I take a few steps back. Then a few more. I know what’s next. He’s going to try and get me to climb those jagged rocks! Now I begin to pray. Maybe you’re laughing too, but this man of mine is well known for his many injuries throughout the years. I have a problem with cuts, bumps and bruises while trying to enjoy nature. As I pray, I hear God’s still small voice in my spirit (1 Kings 19: 11-13).

I’m a God of adventure.

What? Oh, Lord.  I like safe and comfortable. And I thought you are a God of peace. This is not peace. This is scary!

Daughter, My perfect love casts out fear. I want to make your life a glorious adventure in which we travel together. I know how ambivalent your heart is to all of this. You long for the adventure that an abandoned life to Me can be, and yet at the same time, change frightens you. You feel safe and comfortable when things are predictable. In this way, you feel you have things under control. You are addicted to comfort, and control. I want you to break free and discover the adventures I have for you! That is when you will truly have peace—when you trust Me to be in control.

The greatest adventure of our lives is knowing God intimately and abundantly. God dearly wants each person to discover how wide and long and high and deep His love is for us (Ephesians 3:17-18). That kind of love can be overwhelming and even frightening. It takes faith and trust. I believe this is why many people, even Christians, choose to limit their knowledge of God. The more we know Him, the more we risk the possibility of being taken from our comfort zones. And how very sad this is. We have settled for mediocrity because it feels comfortable. All the while, we still battle fear. God wants so much more for us!

I get the feeling God is going to teach me many more lessons as Scott and I traverse our trails (or lack of trails!). But for now, I will ponder today’s lesson and I hope you will too: God is a God of adventure. He wants to break us free from mediocrity.

Scott stands with his hand extended, looking down at me with a smile. I take a deep breath, wipe a tear from my eye and take hold of Scott’s hand as God takes hold of my heart. Goodbye, comfort zone!

It’s time for an adventure!

Is God whispering to you to give up your addiction to comfort and control that results in mediocrity?


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  1. Scott sounds so much like my husband, Danny. Whenever we go hiking, he scares me half to death with his “you gotta see this” climbs. Lol!
    I don’t like precarious heights, but being more adventurous with God – now that’s a great idea! Glad you were able to overcome your fears and climb with Scott, Beckie.

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  2. Martha, I guess it’s a “man thing.” Well, my daughter seems to be like her daddy and climbs like a billy goat too! Nonetheless, God is so good to teach us in our everyday adventures, right! Thanks for commenting.


  3. This is a great post Beckie! I can remember as a younger woman and pastor’s wife that I would get frustrated with the older members of our congregation who detested change. And now I’m starting to feel the same way! What???????? How can that be? But you are right. God IS a God of adventure. Stepping outside our comfort zone keeps Him in charge.

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  4. Nan, I remember being frustrated with the older folks at church who didn’t want change as well! Now that two of my kiddos have flown the coop, I’m beginning to understand.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. Blessings!


  5. Oh, this is so perfect for the adventuresome one on the other side of your screen, Beckie. I once climbed Mt. Whitney and hiked and skied, backpacked, moved a lot. But I am a senior now and physically am unable to do all that I once did. Yet, I want to be adventuresome with my God. He takes me to places I do not want to fear because I am with Him, yet I am. I want to be close and walk with Him. My husband and I are about (in the next year) to head into a BIG adventure for the two of us. We sense God calling us and also to walk out in faith without trying it out for size!! You have given me food for thought and encouragement. Thanks for visiting me today for I found you and your fine site.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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  6. Linda, I’m lifting up a prayer for the adventure God is preparing for you and your husband.
    “This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
    I’m so pleased this post gave you food for thought and encouragement!
    And how wonderful that you climbed Mt. Whitney! I’ll tell my husband. I’m sure that’s on his bucket list. God will have to put it on mine, however (smile)!
    Thanks for stopping by Spotlight and for your comment.


  7. I determined a couple of years ago that I only like the changes that I’m comfortable with (haha) — but God doesn’t work that way! God has to remind me often that He is in control and that He is faithful – even when I’m too scared or comfortable to see it. Good post – thanks for the insight!


  8. “We have settled for mediocrity because it feels comfortable.” So true! I didn’t think I was afraid of change – until I was forced to switch jobs a number of years ago. It was totally scary for me and I mourned many months. Looking back it seems silly, but I really was afraid of all the change the Lord brought into my life. I can also see how it was needful!

    Great post, Beckie. I’m sorry I’m late getting around to everyone, but we are so pleased you linked this post up at The Loft!


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