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I have celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas my entire life. I’ve read the Christmas story in the Bible and heard it preached countless times. I sing Christmas carols joyfully each holiday season. I bake lots of goodies and give them out to family, friends and neighbors. I decorate my house inside and out. I have parties and celebrations with family and friends. But the real meaning of all the celebrations has never grown old to me.

God loves.
He is
He loves relationships.
He demonstrated this to us by sending His Son to come and dwell among us and teach us what real love is.

Do you want to know—really know—what real love its?


Jesus is our blueprint to what love is about. Relationships are His top priority and they should be ours too.

I realize that relationships are difficult, messy, and infuriating at times. The ones that can be the worst are FAMILY.
When dealing with them we must remember our blueprint: JESUS.

Below is a poem about relationships that brought a smile to my face:



Familiar faces, from aged to birth they come

Memories and moments life is made up of…

These are those, who turn our hearts, to laughter, tears and precious years

The circle of life goes on…

Our family and friends not to tolerate…

But to love and cherish and celebrate…

Oh, they make us crazy with drama, of who, did this and that

But we cannot live without them…even, if, we want to squeeze their neck

Some are lazy and some never shut up…

Some are obsessive, compulsive, irritating and abrupt…

Some make you scream, ‘til you just want to throw up…

Some are short, and some are tall…

But family is family, gotta love ’em all…

No one better dis them, or the Fam will be called…

Challenged they will fight, to the death if they must,

Family is family and in God, we do trust…

Familiar and steady, strong and true…we are comrades and rascals;

People through and through;

Some even adopted, we accept them too…

No matter what others, may think of us…

Strange, peculiar, and weird and wise…

We see the world through each other’s eyes…

Yes, we are family, tested and tried,

But God help us, we will survive!


Marla Shaw O’Neill December 21, 2015©

Posted by Marla Shaw O’Neill at 6:45 AM

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