God Can Handle Our Doubts

“I wish I could stop doubting Jesus,” my friend said, tears filling her eyes. “I just don’t know if He really cares. If He does, I’m not sensing it right now.” I've experienced times of doubt too. Have you? My doubts seem to come in the middle of the night with those nagging thoughts that… Continue reading God Can Handle Our Doubts


Answering 3 Important Questions about Modesty

  Please welcome my friend and fellow blogger, Emily from Fearfully Wonderfully Me.  Summer is here! I can smell the pollen and fresh cut grass already (and so can my allergies). Along with warm summer weather comes summer fashion, which often leaves Christians asking questions about modesty. Are these shorts long enough? Are tank-tops modest?… Continue reading Answering 3 Important Questions about Modesty


When Helping Hurts

My dear friend, Patty Schell is a woman I admire greatly. I pray you're blessed by her words of wisdom on a difficult subject. What do you do when helping hurts? I have been faced with that question recently. No matter what I did in the situation, my ‘help’ was just prolonging the hurt. When… Continue reading When Helping Hurts


But God, I Want to Take the Easy Road! My Confession of Food Addiction.

“There’s no free lunch.” “The early bird catches the worm.” “No pain, no gain.” Don’t you just hate pithy little sayings like that? I mean, who really welcomes pain? And why can’t there be some free lunch with no strings attached? And a worm? Yuck! Well, remove those rose-colored glasses, my friend (there's another one… Continue reading But God, I Want to Take the Easy Road! My Confession of Food Addiction.