Beauties from Ashes

Jesus Never Fails

Beauties from Ashes

by Beckie Lindsey

Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—but the demons already have.

Mackenzie is the shy, awkward new girl at school, depressed and desperate for a real friend. When she stumbles upon the deepest secret of sarcastic, angry-at-the-world track star, Krystal, they become instant enemies—especially when it comes to the baseball player, Bryce.

Tammi, a gloomy singer/musician who couldn’t care less about what others think of her, meet Sadie, a dancer and a people-pleaser with a cotton candy disposition. They have nothing in common until their lives begin to converge in more ways than one.

Each girl has a part to play in the lives of the other. But as their worlds begin to collide, it’s their secrets rather than similarities that draw them together. Meanwhile, all that’s kept hidden has left them vulnerable to a battle in an invisible realm. A realm where demonic creatures fight to keep the girls chained to their past while angels of light work to free them.

Can good ever come from evil? Can beauty ever rise from ashes?


Beauties from Ashes is a YA (young adult, ages 12-18) Supernatural novel that I just completed! I am represented by my agent, Cyle Young and Tessa Hall, junior agent with Hartline Literary Agency. Please stay tuned here for more information. Your prayers for publication are very much appreciated! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to email me with comments: