3 Holiday Traditions to Share


One of the many things that make Christmastime so magical is the family traditions passed down from generation to generation. There’s nothing like the smell of Grandma’s famous cookies to make us feel the child-like wonder of the holidays.

I bet a few of your own Christmas traditions have come to mind as you read this. Here are my family’s top three.

Three Gifts  

gifts-2998593_1920When our children were small, my husband, Scott and I realized the true meaning of Christmas could be easily hijacked by the presents. We wanted to give our children gifts, but also keep the focus on Christ. Our solution?

The wise men presented the Lord Jesus with three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Likewise, after reading the Christmas story, our children each received three gifts plus their stockings.

Between the grandparents and other relatives, believe me, they had plenty!

Serving and Giving to Others


The holidays are the perfect time to teach our children to be generous. Here are a few of the ways we demonstrated God’s love to others.

  • Singing Christmas carols at rest homes and to shut-ins.
  • Making Christmas cookies for the neighbors.
  • Adopting a family in need.
  • Christmas shoeboxes for local needy children.
  • Serving at a rescue mission.

Birthday Cake for Jesus

cake-3165975_1920 (1).jpg

Each year I make a birthday cake for Jesus using my mom’s special recipe. The cake is called “Jewish Coffee Cake.” I know it may seem strange for a Christian family to make a Jewish coffee cake for Jesus. But folks, Jesus was a Jew ♥

Click Jewish Coffee Cake for the recipe! It’s yummy!

We have other family traditions like making cookies. But during the busy holiday season, these are the must-dos!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? 

Merry Christmas, friends! 

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8 thoughts on “3 Holiday Traditions to Share”

  1. Oh, such great traditions, Beckie! I love the three gift idea. Stockings have always been a prime offering, no matter what else is under the tree. I still do stockings for my adult children as well as the grands. They have to open those first before being allowed to delve into the under the tree treasures. It’s a must!
    I also bake cheese straws for my kids, as they have fond memories of their Grandmama making them every year. Very Southern, and I’ve yet to make them as well as she did, but Daniel and Sarah never complain. 🙂
    I do pray you and yours have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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  2. Loved this post on so many levels Ms. Beckie. Thank you so much for helping my family remember what’s important. The three traditions, of which two are gone from our lives since moving to Texas, are:
    1. Christmas PJs for the kiddos. Our kids have long grown and no grandchildren of our own in TX, we adopt “pseudo-grands” from a local transitional living facility or out community. On Christmas Eve, they get new Christmas PJ, compliments of Ms. Diane.
    2. The Feast of the Seven Fishes. While my wife and I do our own version of it, it’s nothing like what we used to do with our extended family in Melrose Park, IL. We would all come together and prepare every kind of seafood imaginable on Christmas Eve. Eat around 8pm, then play bingo or other games with the children until midnight.
    3. “Happy Birthday Dear Jesus”. Perhaps the most special part of the evening was when nona (grandmother) Mary Calabria brings out the birthday cake at midnight and we all join hands around the table and usher in Christmas by singing Happy Birthday Dear Jesus. I see each face in my memories, etched forever in time, from years gone by.

    Merry CHRISTmas Lindsay family! God’s blessings in the coming year.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your special traditions, the cake recipe, and for your sweet heart for our Savior, Beckie. I love traditons at Christmastime. And I love your thoughts on how presents can hijack the true meaning of Christmas…Jesus. We always have a birthday cake for Jesus, complete with candles, and sing Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas!

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