18 thoughts on “Go-to Scriptures When You Feel Like Giving Up”

  1. Wonderful post Ms. Beckie. All your comments seemed to be directed at me ma’am. My “take-away” is that I need to remember that when things all seem to be out of my control, I should remind myself that “I’m not in control anyway; and neither is the world.” God may allow things to happen in this world and in my life, but His is and will always be in control. Yet, daily, I must relinquish my control to Him. For only He knows the good He has planned for my days.

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    1. J.D.—the control issue is one I wrestle with, too. Your “take-away” is insightful and blessed me.
      I’m so glad this post was a benefit. Praise the Lord! I’ll never get over how amazing it is that the Creator of everything chooses to use little ole me for His purposes!


  2. Thanks for doing your homework in citing these excellent verses. I think discouragement sometimes comes precisely because we do care about positive outcomes…that we want our efforts “in Christ” to succeed…which require the other commendable traits in addition to faith and praise…such as patience, hope, and balance in our expectations.

    Excellent post. Lifted me up this evening. Thanks, Barton.

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  3. When heartaches and losses come our way, it’s all too easy to forget that God is right there in our messes and our tears. All we have to do is turn to Him, asking Him to take all our burdens from us. There are so many times in my life that I KNOW I would never have gotten through without God’s help through the Holy Spirit.
    Wonderful post, Beckie!

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  4. This sums up your post so beautifully: “What we need is less of us and more of Jesus and His word.” Amen! All those times we are fighting depression, evil, burdens, when things seem out of control or we want to throw in the towel, these go-to Scriptures are our lifeline! Thank you, Beckie!

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  5. It has really been soothing to listen to the Word even as I sleep especially when peace is needed in the midst of a trial. Holy Spirit seems to help bring up verses that I have deposited. The times I took matters in my own hand and did not lean on God was when I had no peace or breakthrough. He is teaching me more the true value of exchanging my strength for His.


  6. Thanks for this reminder, Beckie: “Relinquishing control shows God your willingness to allow Him to work, which means you are allowing God to teach you and walk through it with you.” I often think I’ve relinquished control….and yet I just “grab” on again when things don’t work out the way I think it should or on my timetable. Thanks for sharing the post with helpful Scriptures to hang onto!!


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