Everywhere our family went, we heard people talking about Stranger Things.

Readers, please enjoy a timely guest post below from my friend, Anne Chernabaeff.

There were Stranger Things toys at GameStop and Target. Even 31 flavors were making Stranger Thing’s desserts.
I watched the preview and immediately decided my family would not watch it.
When my youngest daughter requested to watch, my husband and I pulled up the Common Sense Media website. After considering it, I finally told my daughter that we would watch one episode to see if it was okay.
I’m not like most moms—I feel like I’m a little more sheltering than most.
I know from experience how movies that portray party/sex scenes in a cool way can help justify it in someone’s mind. As Christians, my husband and I are trying to stay away from movies with scenes like that.
This time, I justified that my daughter was going to be introduced to situations like this in real life anyway.
So, why not watch it with her so we could have “teaching moments” for each situation?
My daughter and I got sucked in pretty quickly.
I was taken aback by all of the language and adult humor, yet surprisingly, I was drawn to the storyline.
I recall thinking, I can’t believe my daughter and I are sitting here watching this.

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”
James 4: 17

I knew in my heart of hearts that what we were watching wasn’t edifying in any way, In fact, it was glorifying the world in every way. But after the first episode, I grabbed the remote and pushed play to watch another.
I told my daughter a few times, “this is actually pretty bad.
Each time somebody would take the Lord’s name in vain, my daughter and I would say, “where?” and look around the room and giggle to ourselves. We would shake our heads and groan every five minutes when a cuss word was said.
My daughter looked in the other direction when two teens snuck up to the girl’s room to make out, and later in the series, had sex.
I’m not telling you what happened with my daughter and me to condemn or make anybody feel guilty.
I’m just telling you our story as an example of how easy it was for a Christian homeschool parent whose goal in life is to glorify Christ in our home—to so easily allow something like that to play in our home.

“I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me.” Psalm 103:3

Now in my defense, I wasn’t enjoying the cuss words or the sex scenes. My daughter and I both agreed that we just like the story.
I’m writing this because God made me aware of how easy it is to compromise for the sake of what’s fun.
Sometimes things seem innocent on the surface but we find darkness, vulgarity and the things of the world. My daughter is a huge fan, and we watched all 3 seasons. She has the sweatshirt and even the poster. I’m not going to lie. Like I said earlier, I enjoyed it as well. As a teen, I watched all kinds of shows like that, but they didn’t faze me because I was in the world at the time.
Yet at the age of 44, even though I’m a huge sinner and have so many things I need to work on, one of the things I feel like God has done in me is creating a desire to stay away from the world in that capacity. I don’t typically care what’s trendy or what all my peers are watching.
When people use Jesus’s name as a cuss word in movies, it hurts my heart quite honestly.
I don’t feel like I’m calloused in any way regarding movies. We are all convicted in different ways, we all make cruddy decisions, and this was mine as a parent.
We serve a gracious God and I didn’t for a second question my salvation or standing before my creator.
What I did question, however, was my decision as a parent. It sends a double message: I can partake in the world as long as I am aware that what I’m doing is bad.
We are told as believers to live IN the world, not live like it.
We are to be set apart, holy, single-minded with the Lord. So, when the lost look at us they see something different.
After Stranger Things, we found The Umbrella Academy. We watched the first two episodes and then I called it quits. This mama was convicted.
From here on out we will set before our eyes things that equip, edify and build us up in the Lord.
Satan is making a killing, seductively pulling parents—Christian parents even—into movies we have no business watching. Our story, the one between good and evil with angels and demons is real life.
And in the true story, we are either warriors or followers in the enemy’s camp.
I will not give in to the enemies lies that I’m keeping her in a bubble, or legalism, or the justification of “teaching moments” as we step over the proverbial fence together in the name of mother-daughter bonding.
Get behind me Netflix!

Readers, It’s Beckie again. This is another reason we need to support Christian and clean movies. See the article HERE.
Man, would I love to see the Beauties from Ashes books become a series with Pureflix 🙂 I wrote the books after I watched the show and read the books Pretty Little Liars, sharing a similar experience as Anne courageously shared above. So, I created a suspenseful story with real-life and difficult issues including relatable characters AND a battle between angels and demons.
About Anne Chernabaeff— Sinner, saved by grace. Happily married homeschool mom. Has three daughters and one grandson.

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