My Heart Coaching Experience

As an author, I consider myself an introspective person. introspective: adjective  \  in·tro·spec·tive  \ ˌin-trə-ˈspek-tiv \  : characterized by examination of one's own thoughts and feelings: thoughtfully reflective: employing, marked by, or tending to Being introspective is part of what makes me tick. It helps me grow personally and in the craft of writing. I accomplish this a few ways: daily intentional… Continue reading My Heart Coaching Experience


10,000 Prayers and Counting: Praying for Sophia

Dear readers, I wrote this article for SoCal Christian Voice, but I also want to share it with you here on my website. Why? Because this little girl needs our prayers and her story is remarkable.  UPDATE on Sophia 1/26/18 Sophia made it out of surgery and is doing well according to her mother. Praise… Continue reading 10,000 Prayers and Counting: Praying for Sophia


The Power of Personal Testimony

Mike’s drug addiction landed him on the streets for seven years. He was able to get a weekly shower thanks to a program through his local rescue mission. Often the volunteers from the mission, many themselves recovering addicts, offered to pray for him. He found himself going back to the mission not just for the… Continue reading The Power of Personal Testimony


Choosing a Word of the Year: Is it Helpful?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the growing trend to choose a word of the year in January. Why choose a word of the year? The traditional litany of New Year’s resolutions can get old. Not only that, but statistics show that 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. And let’s face it, by mid-January or early February, many… Continue reading Choosing a Word of the Year: Is it Helpful?