Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

  Spring has arrived! If you’re like me, you get the urge to start those annual spring cleaning projects around the house. But if we’re honest, our homes aren’t the only places in need some deep cleaning. Just like our homes and cars need regular maintenance, so do our spiritual lives. And let’s face it, … Continue reading Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Lost Art of Listening

Communication is more important than ever in our high-speed, high-tech world, and yet we seem to be devoting less and less time to really listening. Have you noticed that genuine listening is becoming obsolete? Hearing and listening are two different animals. Hearing refers to the sound that enters your ears. Listening, however, requires more. It … Continue reading The Lost Art of Listening


Our first Valentine’s Day together, my husband, Scott, bought me a dozen long-stem roses. This Friday we will be celebrating twenty-seven years of marriage. Guess how many times he’s bought me a dozen long stem roses? Once. It’s a good thing I didn’t expect roses every Valentine’s Day, right? Now, I don’t want to give … Continue reading #1 RELATIONSHIP KILLER: UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

An Inspirational Teenager

It’s easy to look at today’s generation of teenagers and say they are babied, selfish to the point of entitlement, disrespectful, and oversensitive. Perhaps some of that is true. But I’d like to prove to you, there are still many, many absolutely fantastic teenagers! Today I have the privilege of sharing some of seven-teen-year-old, Matt … Continue reading An Inspirational Teenager


I can’t help it. I love teenagers. For better or for worse—I love ‘em. There’s something that endears me about that stage in life where one day you feel almost like an adult and the next you’d rather just be a kid. Honestly, I still kind of feel that way at times. Don’t you? But … Continue reading IT’S TOUGH TO BE A TEENAGER TODAY