BEFORE You Dress For Battle

“I’m ready to go, mommy!” My eight-year-old son, Chad announced. He stood on the landing of the stairs wearing his biggest smile along with his new dress shirt and pants. I squinted my eyes as I approached him because I could see the red shirt he had on earlier, underneath the new, crisp white one … Continue reading BEFORE You Dress For Battle


      I have celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas my entire life. I’ve read the Christmas story in the Bible and heard it preached countless times. I sing Christmas carols joyfully each holiday season. I bake lots of goodies and give them out to family, friends and neighbors. I decorate my house … Continue reading CHRISTMAS MEANS LOVE

SATAN’S ONE-TWO PUNCH: Unforgiveness and Division

  According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, unforgiveness makes people sick and keeps them that way. As a matter of fact: UNFORGIVENESS IS CLASSIFIED AS A DISEASE IN MEDICAL BOOKS. In other words, unforgiveness is killing us. And do you know who is behind all unforgiveness? … Continue reading SATAN’S ONE-TWO PUNCH: Unforgiveness and Division


Diversion—to be turned away from a primary goal or task. Our most important focus should be on a growing relationship with God. As Christians, we are citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20) and our path should be in faith, obedience to God’s laws, and loving God as well as our neighbor. Thus the devil does all … Continue reading SATAN’S CALLING CARDS—Part 2 DIVERSION

A Good Belly Laugh Can Reduce Holiday Stress..And Belly Flab

Did you know some studies show that laughter gives the body a "mini aerobic workout?" It causes the heart to beat faster, sending larger amounts of blood around the body. The act of laughing can even help the skin, by using up to 15 facial muscles, helping to give the face a work out. According … Continue reading A Good Belly Laugh Can Reduce Holiday Stress..And Belly Flab


             December's topic: SPIRITUAL WARFARE We live in a world filled with liars, con artists, and thieves who seek to defraud us. But the Bible warns us of the greatest deceiver of all—Satan. The Bible also assures us we can have victory over Satan, but only with salvation through Jesus … Continue reading SATAN’S CALLING CARDS—Part 1