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hand of adonai Drawing JPG 2By Aaron Gansky

If you’re looking for a great book for your teen to start the new school year, look no further. But I must warn you, as an adult, I was drawn in from the first sentence. You will be too.
Right away the reader is transported into a fantasy world called Alrujah. It feels a lot like entering Middle Earth or Narnia, with medieval castles, magic and demonic forces, yet with a twist. Alrujah is a digital fantasy world created by two teens, Lauren Knowles and Oliver Shaw. Here’s the kicker—one day Lauren and Oliver wake up in the digital world they created. Oh, and they drag a few friends from high school along too.
The characters are believable and easy to identify with. Each seem to push each other’s buttons, and yet this is the very thing needed to become stronger and more courageous. Courage is a much-needed commodity to face the evil, creepy creatures, dark caves and a host of other obstacles they encounter.
You’ll never get bored reading this book.
How do the friends manage to get out of this amazing and yet dangerous world? Well, you’ll need to pick up a copy.
The good news is, you can enter to win an autographed paperback copy. Here’s how:
Once you’re on the site, be sure and scroll down to find Hand of Adonai.
By the way, this is book number one in a series. I must say, I’m dying for book number two because I have many unanswered questions.
Aaron Gansky photoAbout Aaron Gansky

 I am married to a wonderful woman named Naomi. We’ve been married for thirteen years. We have three boys, Josiah (11), Elijah (9) and Levi (almost 7). I teach high school English and Creative Writing. I live in Helendale, CA, which is in the high desert of Southern California.
As far as hobbies, I’ve had several throughout the years. I’ve played guitar in a rock-and-roll band that played all over LA before quitting to spend more time with my family and my writing. I’ve loved comic books since my teen years, and I’ll be collecting them again soon. Most recently, I’ve gotten very into Magic: the Gathering, a fantasy-themed strategy card game. I spend a lot of time playing at and judging competitions.
About Hand Of Adonai
How did you come up with the idea? I’m not exactly sure where the idea for Hand of Adonai came from. Originally, I wanted to write a book that spoofed old-school role playing games like Final Fantasy (one of my favorites). I wanted to play around with the tropes and pull off some meta jokes that would be funny to the reader because the characters were aware of the tropes they were playing into. Of course, to do that, I needed characters from outside of the game. So I started playing with this Tron-meets-Narnia kind of set up, and I really liked it. Somewhere along the way, I cared less about the silly jokes and more about the characters and the world I’d created.
Why did you write it? I wrote it because I wanted to do something different than The Bargain. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book, but it was very literary, and I remember agonizing over every detail of it. So I thought I’d write something a little less serious and a little more fun. Of course, I still agonized over every detail, but I enjoyed it in a very different way than I’d enjoyed The Bargain.
For more information about Aaron: http://aarongansky.com/
Thank you, Aaron for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing me to write a review. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my first book review. I will be doing more periodically. I’d love to hear your suggestions for books to read and review.
God Bless,

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