Not the Typical Teenage Dream

Not the Typical Teenage Dream
What were you interested in when you were sixteen-years-old?
Friends? Clothes? Music? Sports?
Madison Lamb enjoys many of the typical things most teenage girls do. She likes hanging out with friends and drinking coffee. But Madison has also found a love for something that is not so typical for a young woman of her age. She desires to go into full-time ministry serving as a missionary.
It all started when Madison was in eighth grade—except she didn’t actually know it then.

She signed up for her first mission trip.

Her first mission: a six-day trip to Mexico. Madison and a group of other kids her age along with several adults helped construct walls and roofs for houses. On the fourth day of the trip, her group visited an orphanage where many children had been taken to live by their own parents because they lacked the means to care for them. However, a heartbreaking fact Madison learned, was that some of the parents still came and visited their children in the orphanage, but leave them in hopes for a better life than they could provide.
“I’ll always remember the sweet little girl named Bethlehem that stole my heart,” Madison said. “After the orphanage, we visited the dump where many locals go to scavenge. We took hot dogs wrapped in tortillas to share. It was life-changing to see how these people live.”
Each night Madison’s group listened to powerful missionary speakers from all over the world. One guest speaker named Brad had served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. He stayed long enough to learn the language and translate the Bible for the locals.
“I learned so much. It was amazing, but I still wasn’t really sure if it was something I wanted to do. So, I didn’t tell anyone, but I was thinking and praying about it. I wasn’t ready to be accountable, I guess.”

The Lord was using the experience from this trip to plant a seed.

A year later when Madison was in high school, she was asked to go on another mission trip, but this time as a teen mentor for the junior high students. Madison agreed and the Lord was busy planting more seeds.
“I got to give a twenty-minute speech to the students about my mission experience. I didn’t realize how much they would look up to me.”
When Madison got back from her second mission’s trip, her heart was completely changed.

“I need to do missions! This is what God wants for my life!”

The future plan is to go to college—hopefully a Christian University with study abroad possibilities and major in Literature and Christian studies. She is also researching missionary training schools and looking into teaching English.
While Madison is still in high school, she intends to explore more missions and reach out to other teens. She says a major concern for teens is a lack of confidence and poor self-image.
“Unfortunately they are looking for attention in the wrong places. Society tells them so many things that conflict with God’s message,” she said. “I used to struggle with body image like a lot of teens my age. But then I read and understood that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God, the creator, loves me and made me beautiful. I want others to know this too!” (Psalm 139)

Everyone needs to know they are loved by God.

Madison believes that if teens understood more about God and the Bible, they would be better equipped to handle the many pressures they face today. “When I put God first, my whole life changed. I love my Bible! I write verses on my hand to help me through the day. Others can see it too.”
Madison has some special people in her life. She says most of her close friends are Christians which helps her. There are also adults that have helped her relationship with God grow as well. “My parents are great! I have met many leaders at church too. My small group leader, Emma, taught me how to pray. I can call her and she’ll meet up with me for coffee. It’s so great to have her support.”
At the age of sixteen, Madison has learned some fundamentals and essentials that every Christian can benefit from, no matter their age.

  • Read your Bible and share it with others.
  • Memorize scripture. It helps keep you on track.
  • Prayer is powerful. Do it every single day.
  • Find your value in God, not society or anything else.
  • Surround yourself with other Christians.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Be a mentor.
  • Look to God to find your purpose.

Thanks for the inspiration, Madison!


What do you think about Madison’s dream? Did it inspire you?


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  1. delduduit Reply

    Beckie — what a wonderful teenager. You know me I love good stories about good people. Teens like Madison gives me hope in our nations future. Nice blog.

  2. beckielindsey
    beckielindsey Post authorReply

    Del, me too and me too! It was such a joy talking with Madison. We are planning to hang out for coffee soon. Her positive and selfless attitude inspires me.

  3. marthajaneorlando Reply

    Madison’s story made my heart sing today, Beckie. What a remarkable young woman, so filled with God’s grace, and with a wisdom far beyond her young years! She will make a terrific missionary one of these days; God will see to that!

  4. beckielindsey
    beckielindsey Post authorReply

    Martha, her attitude, and story blessed me too! I’m excited to keep in touch and see what God does through her life.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I know it will bless Madison.

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Jean, me too! I’m hoping teens, as well as adults, will be inspired to grow closer to the Lord through Madison’s example. I know I sure was.

  5. Angela Royse Pelleman Reply

    What a beautiful blog post, and even more beautiful teenager! May this story encourage other teens to open their spiritual eyes and ears to the calling God has upon their lives! And may God bless and protect Madison on all
    of her future mission trips; may He cover her with the blood of Jesus, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet! In Jesus name, Amen! 💙🙏🏼

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Angela, thank you so much for your beautiful prayer for Madison. I know she will appreciate it. Your hope for other teens is mine too.

  6. Elihu Reply

    Madison is a living example of Paul’s instruction to Timothy: ““Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”
    ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭4:12‬
    I am so uplifted by her example today and have said a prayer for this young lady with a heart for God.

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Yes, I’m glad you wrote that scripture here! I might add it to the bottom of this post 🙂
      Thanks for reading and for praying. Our youth today need it, as you are well aware.
      Blessings, dear sister!

  7. Lisa Reply

    Thank you so much for highlighting Madison, Beckie! As her mom, I watch her get up early every morning to spend time in the Word, surrounding herself with strong Christians of all ages, engage in her small group relationships and seek opportunities to serve others. She inspires me each and every day! I can’t wait to see how she will continue to bring others to Christ and continue to be a world changer. I greatly appreciate the prayers shared and know they will touch Madison too. Thank you!

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      What a special young woman you are raising! It was such a joy and privilege to speak with her and write this article. There is no way I could encapsulate the person you know her to be, but my hope was to first bring honor to God and then use the story of her faith to encourage others as well as her. I especially hope teens will read this and want what she has. I’m excited to see what the Lord does through her.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m praying for Madison and your family.

  8. Mama Keller Reply

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see where the Lord leads her! Madison should try YWAM!

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Mama Keller,
      What a great suggestion for Madison. Thanks for stopping by SPOTLIGHT and for your encouragement for this special young lady.

  9. Cindy M Jones Reply

    Hi Beckie, I found you on twitter. : ) love this story. My daughter is about to embark on her first overseas mission trip this summer. She has had the desire to serve others for as long as I can remember. I’m so proud of her and other young women like Madison who are willing to serve others.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Cindy, how great that this caught your attention on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by Spotlight to read Madison’s story. She is an inspiring young woman of God. And how wonderful to hear about your daughter. Praying the Lord’s blessings over her life.
      Thanks for commenting and for following!

  10. Connie Wohlford Reply

    This girl has her priorities in order. I love that: “Madison believes that if teens understood more about God and the Bible, they would be better equipped to handle the many pressures they face today.” That’s true of older folks as well. Way too many people of all ages call themselves Christians yet have no interested in God’s Word. Also, she has a great list of fundamentals and essentials.
    Thanks for sharing Madison’s beautiful story

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Connie, you are so right. Her passion is contagious. It was such a joy talking with her. I’m honored to share her story. I hope it helps in some way to gain the support she will need. Blessings!

  11. Cherrilynn Bisbano Reply

    Beckie, Thank you for sharing about this God fearing young lady. I said a prayer for her as I read this. May God go before her as she walks by faith.

    • beckielindsey
      beckielindsey Post authorReply

      Cherrilynn, your prayers are much appreciated. She is an inspirational young woman. I met a twelve-year-old yesterday at a church event that was impacted by Madison’s testimony and was baptized on Easter. Wow!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  12. realmojo68 Reply

    I love stories like this. Too often we as a society teenagers are too young to know what they really want. But if God is in the mix, there’s no age limit!

  13. Ron Gallagher, Ed.S Reply

    Just a quick ‘thank you’ for sharing Madison’s story. It’s easy to get jaded as we get older, and begin to wonder if anyone is really coming along behind us to carry on the work. It’s an insulting attitude to have given the power of the One we serve, but the moral decay we’ve allowed to infiltrate our churches, overwhelm academia, and permeate our land makes it easy to fall victim to it. Young believers like Madison give antiques like me tangible evidence that the hope we have is more than valid–it’s living and vibrant and indestructible. What a powerfully uplifting thing it is to run across a story like Madison’s, which I would never have known about without you.

  14. beckielindsey
    beckielindsey Post authorReply

    Ron, I relate to the points that you have expressed. I even found myself losing faith (I’m not saying you have). But God impressed upon me to “go and see” what HE is doing by spending some time with the next generation. The results in my heart and attitude are a deeper love and understanding of what young people are faced with today.
    Aside from bringing honor and glory to the Lord, my goal for sharing Madison’s amazing story is to show there are still godly young people. And guess what? I met a twelve-year-old young lady that was influenced by Madison greatly. This sweet girl was baptized on Easter! And the legacy continues 🙂 God is good!
    Thank you for your candid comment. I always appreciate what you have to say. I’m so glad Madison’s story was used as a ray of God’s hope concerning the next generation.

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